Monday, 14 September 2020

Listing Feelings

This is a procedure for listing feelings. It has 5 steps.

Step 1

First of all I think of any name. Eg: Steve.

I take the first two letters of the name: st.

Step 2

Then I list feelings that start with the letters st.

Note: I kind of mentally use this template to help me think of a feeling:

I might feel X about something.

(Where X is the feeling.)

Example: I might feel stringent about something.

Here are some more st... feelings:


Step 3

I want to list a wider range of feelings. To do this I take the last feeling listed at step 2: In the above case, stubborn, and treat it as an adjective and ask "What kind of thing could be described with the adjective stubborn?"

Eg: a mule. Thus:

Stubborn mule

Step 4

Then I ask myself: What kind of feelings are associated with a mule? (Note: This can be how a person could feel about a mule or how a mule might feel.)



Step 5

From that point I can generate more feelings  by either using the first method (I would take the be of beastly and use it list feelings), or I would use the second method and name something that is beastly (Eg: Dracula) and list possible feelings about that.

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