Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My anti-procrastination measures

Here are my anti-procrastination rules:

Rule 1

If you're not willing to do a task, break it down into smaller and smaller steps until you're left with a small step you're willing to undertake.

Rule 2

If you still haven't done the smallest step, then break that step down again until you have a first step you're willing to take, even if that step is almost laughably, ridiculously tiny and seems like it cannot possibly help you to complete your task at all. If you're not willing to start the task then you haven't broken it down into a small enough step. Remedy? Break it down again.

My opinion

Most of the anti-procrastination guides stop at rule 1. My experience of that is, I break the task down to what I think is a doable first step, but end up still procrastinating. If I follow rule 2 and do a ridiculously tiny first step, I have made a start. I can stop there and do another ridiculously tiny step again the next day to continue with the task, or I may find that my perception of the "horrible task" changes to a more positive one, even after taking just one tiny step.


Break it down. Break it down. Break it down. Break it down. Ha ha! That's ridiculously tiny, I can do that!

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